Evolve your RESTful APIs and web services. Encode them, document them, simulate them, integration test them and figure out how failure affects your architecture. No invasive changes to your code base.

This is a Clojure project which uses edn to simulate and document and integration test RESTful API's. Protean is used commercially to help speed development and test complex distributed systems.

  • Encode APIs - build a specification
  • Document APIs using Silk Web Toolkit
  • Simulate API's
  • Hotswap API behaviour on the fly over the network
  • Auto generate curl commands to test your APIs
  • Auto integration test your simulations
  • Browse HATEOAS APIs with Omnom the Eater of APIs (pre-alpha)

Protean ships with several examples out of the box, see the public/examples directory. These are intended to supplement the information in the tutorial.

  • Single and multiplayer text adventure loosely based on a well known cult classic comedy film
  • Petstore demo with examples of failure response and general sim api capabilities